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Cobblestone pavements, whitewashed houses, colorful flowers hanging from the windows, each of which will witness the green and blue heaven dancing with beautiful historic homes in one town Alacati. Soak up the scent of the sea in town to sit in the square coffee, listen to the cheerful sound of the wind and prepare to enjoy a holiday to forget all the stress you've had for a year.

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Cobblestone pavements, whitewashed houses, colorful flowers hanging from the windows, each of which will witness the green and blue heaven dancing with beautiful historic homes in one town Alacati.


Soak up the scent of the sea in town to sit in the square coffee, listen to the cheerful sound of the wind and prepare to enjoy a holiday to forget all the stress you've had for a year.

Izmir Province, Cesme Alacati town is connected to the district; In the narrow waist of the Cesme peninsula, wind from north to south, south to north, which is located in the center of the corridor blowing freely. Write prevailing wind breathe and the northeastern Alacati. In winter, a warm climate creates more southwest wind blowing in Alacati. The number of windy days in Alacati is well above the average of Turkey, which Alacati is one of the world's most important windsurfing centers yapmıştır.kuzey the beach famous for its thermal baths, south of where Alacati port of windsurfing clubs, west olive groves and located Montenegro started to be covered with new bonds.

Alacati, in ancient times, "Agrilia" In the history of Western Anatolia "Ionia" is called. Alacati, starting in the south of Izmir is located in the heart of the region that extends to the Menderes River. Alacati closest Ionian cities, a village of Alacati and today is the name referred to the Ile "Erythrai" and that the island of Chios "Chios" stop.

Herodotus referred to the Ionian name in the history writes the following about Alacati: "Ionians were established under the most beautiful sky we know the earth of the city and the most beautiful climate. What's more northern regions, nor the rest of the further south one kept by Ionia, even when the east nor west, some cold and wet, some are hot and dry. "

In the early history of the Ottoman Alacati "pedestrian-Müsellim" it is defined as a village. The reason is; With the expansion of the conquests, conquered places inhabited those populations and the number of soldiers increased, founded in 1361 as part of the military establishment: "Pedestrians (infantry) and" Müsellim "(horsemen) is the village. Alacati name that existed in those years on this land," Alacaat'ı tribe "are from.

1830s of the month, the pilgrims Memiş impoverished Greek population in the crippling of Chios with a network of earthquake region to work in various jobs "invites", so not only Alacati, a fountain and Karaburun'n begins to change the fate. Greek youths fought in front of the indigenous population in the vineyards, olive groves begin to help. Alacaat'ı village in the southern marshes in the same year are public battle with malaria and to swamp the decision to open a channel to the Port Alacati. Large landowners are data from the Turkish Cypriot workers to work in the plantations and processing, provided the zoning of canal construction. Thus, a few kilometers inland from the sea also established new villages. Today a majority of Alacati which is a restored stone house is in the period between 1850- 1890 year were built in this manner.

Greek workers of the port and as a result contribute also, as well as the vineyard's development and progress of the establishment of the village, before the century today began to be exported to wine abroad from Alacati and thus takes its place among the fine wines of Alacati wine world.

Hilmi Uran in 1914, is appointed as prefect of the fountain. After a few months of starting duties in the Balkans, especially in Yugoslavia, Macedonia, the first immigrants from the region come to the fountain with the ship. The arrival of immigrants created a panic among the Greeks, and they leave the area within a short time. Immigrants from Yugoslavia, they begin to live in Alacati. Karacaova the region from Thessalonica, Macedonia and Crete, emigrant immigrants come from islands such as Kos. Thereby ensuring the development of tobacco in Alacati.

Tobacco, which are elements of melon farming and livestock Alacati the 1980s. Then replace the shopkeeper agricultural production, fishing and tourism took part.

SWEET DROPS OF NATURE; Mastic trees Alacati's most important mastic tree is one of the icons ranging from the past is a rare plant in the world. And these trees are only Alacati Municipality of protection and over 300 in Turkey. It also benefited from a drop gum versatile. This gum jam made with the delicious aroma of wood and gum raki unique. Ancient Greek doctors, gum from rabies, snake bites, stomach discomfort, bowel and did a variety of drugs against lung disease. 10. After a century, the fame of gum, spread beyond the island of Chios and has been famous in the world. You can enjoy a refreshing ice cream eating gummy no satisfaction in Alacati. Special gum grown in gardens in Alacati can visit, you can enjoy yourself to the unique local flavor of this.

WIND WAVES; after seeing SURF Alacati Alacati to surf you will not want to be anywhere else. Alacati is the area with the most interesting and diversity surfing areas in Europe. Cover with pristine surf center is a V-shaped cove with crystal clear water. With various wind conditions and ideal surfing area is one of the most important surfing centers in Europe. Wind north to work in this area of the sea water is quite shallow. 4-6 violent wind blowing in from June until the middle of September, and 50% in April-October as work and create beautiful waves of the south wind.


Alacati is as a region made for surfers. Alacati's most beautiful feature, the wind from the left, and the strong winds that blow in the breeze is even composed of regular waves. The stream is also in the same direction with the wind, giving avid surfers moments. Alacati is also no doubt that the most reliable among the regions with the breeze. Here extending to the four winds of the Aegean's domestic caress the Çeşme Peninsula. Breeze, Lodos to visit the region during the years of Poyraz wind and Gerence is a separate beauty


WIND POWER; WIND windmills and wooden handles İzmir-Çeşme highway and continuing along the path with stone windmills greets you with all the beauty of their bodies. The most important feature of this mill to grind the flour, the Anatolian culture Alacati is the most beautiful examples of colorful reflection in the streets. On behalf of the use of clean energy sources and developing technology for the protection of nature, which is a faster and reliable alternative to wind roses are also one of the important symbols depicting Alacati. 1998 Alacati Municipality and Collaboration Holding Turkey's first wind farm was set up in collaboration with Alacati. Alacati Wind Power Plant (ARES) consists of 12 wind rose and 44 turbines. Total electricity production is 7.2 megawatts. Wind speed reaches 25 meters per second, the speed of rotation wing on 29 minutes when the round is started to produce electricity. To get maximum efficiency from wind turbines to the wind turns continuously. The length of each blade of the total rotor diameter is 22 meters and 44 meters. The height of 45-50 meters. Alacati has set an example of wind energy in the entire country and Canakkale, Balikesir, Akhisar, Bodrum and Datca as our region has started on such investments. Wind potential in Turkey's land area of 55,000 MW.

JOURNEY OF TASTE; FOOD Alacati Alacati seafood from the Aegean's delicious herbs and many different dishes you can find an alternative to the various examples of international cuisine. It does not get enough food to taste feast of the Aegean region in Alacati and wine will add a different color. Village breakfast, which grows only in this region and around the world mature date palms and olive branches, homemade lemonade, chewing gum pudding, sweet gum and gum Alacati cookies are indispensable to the table.



Road: 70 km away from the Izmir Alacati, 90 kilometers away from the Adnan Menderes Airport, the highway transportation is very easy. For their vehicles out on the road with the ferry from Istanbul to Bandirma Yenikapı after 340 km of road in the Balıkesir, Manisa and Izmir Alacati 4-5 hours it delivers over you. There are also regular buses to the bus company Alacati. To reach from Izmir to Izmir Alacati bus while riding the bus garage from the garage or Üçkuyular fountain within 1 hour you can be in Alacati

Sea Alacati marina, 38 degrees 15 minutes north latitude and 26 degrees 23 minutes east longitude.

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